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Whale Alert: Justin Sun Potentially Behind Buying $161 Million in Ethereum?

Suspicious Move: Is Justin Sun Behind the Acquisition of $161 Million in Ethereum?


  • A wallet with alleged ties to Justin Sun acquires $161 million in Ethereum in a span of 32 hours.
  • Coordinated transactions between the TWGHNc wallet and address 0x7a95 reinforce speculation about Sun’s involvement in the operations.
  • Sun’s possible support for Ethereum is generating optimism in the crypto community regarding the future of the cryptocurrency.

A recent transaction has caught the attention of the financial community.

It involves the acquisition of a staggering amount of Ethereum (ETH) by a mysterious buyer, unleashing a wave of speculation about its identity and its market implications.

The transaction, valued at an impressive $161 million, has sparked intense debate over whether Tron founder Justin Sun could be behind this operation.

The enigma began to be revealed when a wallet with the partial address “TWGHNc” carried out a series of massive purchases of Ethereum in a period of just 32 hours, using both the Binance platform and several decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

This activity, combined with notable behavioral patterns, has led analysts to speculate about this wallet’s possible connection to Justin Sun.

One of the most intriguing aspects is the correlation between the activity of the TWGHNc wallet and another address identified as “0x7a95.”

Significant deposits of USDT were observed on exchanges such as HTX (formerly Huobi) by TWGHNc, followed by large ETH withdrawals by 0x7a95 from the same exchange on similar dates.

Whale Alert: Justin Sun Potentially Behind Buying $161 Million in Ethereum?

These movements suggest a close relationship between both addresses and reinforce suspicions about Sun‘s possible involvement in these transactions.

Speculation intensified further when, in a seemingly coordinated move, the TWGHNc wallet deposited a colossal sum of 50 million USDT on Binance, followed by massive withdrawals of ETH and USDT by 0x7a95 from the same platform on the same day.

These synchronized movements further fueled suspicions of the Justin Sun involvement in these transactions

While Justin Sun’s involvement in these operations has yet to be confirmed, the possibility of his involvement has generated additional optimism around Ethereum.

The endorsement of an influential figure like Sun could have a significant impact on the market perception of Ethereum and its valuation.

The recent massive Ethereum acquisition, allegedly linked to Justin Sun, has generated intense scrutiny within the crypto community, raising questions about the future of Ethereum and Sun’s role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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