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EOS, XLM, ADA, IOTA. Technical analysis and forecast of the course for February 21-22, 2019

Generalized data from technical analysis of the largest cryptocurrency rates indicate the likelihood of a deepening correction in their markets during the February 22 trading session.


Trading on the EOS token on February 21 is conducted with a clear advantage of sellers. An analysis of the four-hour chart of the EOS / USD pair shows that the bears became more active in the first hours after the opening of the Asian trading period at the moment when the cryptocurrency price tested sales resistance at the local maximum price level of $ 4,0168.

As of 12:00 Moscow time, the token sellers broke through the price support at the local level of $ 3.7910 and fixed the session minimum at the dynamic support level formed by the bulls along the EMA14 moving average with the value at that time – $ 3.7406.

February 21 EOSUSD H4
February 21 EOSUSD H4

In the second half of the current session, trading in the EOS / USD pair showed that the temporary support for the price of cryptoactive assets is strong enough to contain sales pressure, but not sufficient to quickly restore quotes.

The data of technical indicators confirm the situational advantage of bears in the short-term EOS market: the relative strength index values are steadily decreasing in the field of purchases, the RSI14 line is directed downward at the intersection of the neutral level on the indicator graph.

In case of breakdown of support at a dynamic level with the current value of $ 3.7631, it should be expected that the bears will reach the nearest targets at the level of the upward wave correction of 14.8% – $ 3.6630.


At the time of the market review, Stellar to the US dollar is quoted at $ 0.0896. The session maximum of the price of a cryptoactive asset is fixed at $ 0.0964, from which the coin price fell to the level of $ 0.0887 with virtually no resistance from the bulls.

Analysis of the four-hour chart of the XLM / USD pair shows that only on the approaches to the correction level of $ 38.2% did the bulls start buying out the volumes to sell the coins, which in turn made it possible to suspend the deepening of the price correction below the $ 0.0890 level.

February 21 XLMUSD H4
February 21 XLMUSD H4

Taking into account that the players on the Stellar appreciation exhausted without overcoming the $ 0.09105 mark at the correction level of 23.6%, we should expect that before the end of the current session the coin sellers will test the support at the level of $ 0.0876. There is a high probability of a breakthrough of the indicated level and a price reduction at least to the level of $ 0.0862 at the local support level.


At the time of market analysis, Cardano to the US dollar is quoted at $ 0.0444. The ADA / USD pair is testing a local support level of $ 0.0445 from which the day before the bulls were actively buying out cryptoactive assets in large volumes.

The nature of the price movement during the current session indicates the depletion of ADA / USD buyers’ resources and, probably, by the beginning of the trading on February 22, the bulls will retreat to the level of support that will be formed along the correction line of 38.2% – $ 0.0435.

February 21 ADAUSD H4
February 21 ADAUSD H4

The relative strength index data confirms the significant superiority of bears in the Cardano market: the index value is in sales, the RSI14 line is downward.

ADA / USD sales are recommended from $ 0.0448 with targets of $ 0.0441 and $ 0.0430. Protect short positions should be orders not lower than $ 0.0454.


As of 19:00 Moscow time, on February 21st, Altcoin IOTA fixed the session minimum price at $ 0.2988. In the second half of the day session, the IOTA / USD pair broke through the support at the dynamic level formed by the line EMA14- $ 0.3095 and at the price correction level 23.6% – $ 0.3039.

From a technical point of view, before the price of altcoin there are no obstacles to reducing to the closest support level on the correction line 38.2% – $ 0.2917.

February 21 IOTAUSD H4
February 21 IOTAUSD H4

IOTA sales are possible at a price rebound from resistance at $ 0.3039 with targets of $ 0.2988 and $ 0.2917. Security orders for short positions should not be placed below the EMA14 line with the current value of $ 0.3076.

Trading recommendations are not a guide to action. Following the recommendations, you assume the associated risk of loss of funds.


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