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EOS, XLM, ADA, IOTA. Technical analysis and forecast of the course on 21-22 January 2019

In the short term on the markets of the leading alternative cryptocurrencies will dominate the bears


At the time of the market review of the EOS token to the United States dollar is quoted at $2,3450. Break of the support price of cryptocurrency on the level of correction 50,0%-$2,4246 allowed the bears to gain a foothold in a new range of $2,4246-2,2396.

Couple quotes EOS/USD rolled back from a session high of $2,4300 after attempts of bulls to regain control the same level of support. The pressure on the current price of the pair has a moving average EMA14 with a value of $2,4000.

21 января EOSUSD H4
21 Jan EOSUSD H4

Values of relative strength index are in sales, the line pointing down and RSI7 crosses EMA14 on the chart, which indicates the strengthening of positions of sellers in the short trading period.

Analysis of the four-hour schedule EOS/USD shows that bears will tend to mark prices $2,3996. Break of the support at the indicated level will open to sellers EOS space to achieve the medium-term target prices are $1,9760.

Sale EOS with the least risk are recommended at the next bounce of the price of the token from the resistance level of $2,4246 with order $2,3280 and $2,2400.


On the market Stellar 20 January, the bulls also lost to the sellers a ten-day support level of $0,1052. At the time of market analysis steam XLM/USD is trading at $0,1039. The pressure on the pair has a moving average with the current value of $0,1053.

In the short term, a price breakout above the key level looks unlikely, as the bulls are exhausted and do not have the support of the market, which is confirmed by the data of technical indicators.

21 января XLMUSD H4
21 Jan XLMUSD H4

Values of relative strength index remains in the oversold indicator line is under pressure of moving average EMA14.

On the chart XLM/USD line EMA14 also above the current quotations of the pair and directed downwards, which indicates a strong downtrend short-term course of bitcoin.

Local breakout support level of $0,1030 will open up opportunities of entry into the market with short positions.


Despite a two-day decrease in quotations Cardano, from a technical point of view positions the bulls remain strong, as they manage to keep the price of the cryptocurrency over the key support of $0,0420 formed according to the level of 50.0% Fibo.

At the time of the review of the market the pair ADA/USD is trading at $0,0434, under pressure of moving average EMA14 with the value on the price scale of a chart – $0,0441. At the indicated level bears form a near term resistance to the growth rates, narrowing, thus, the price range.

21 января ADAUSD H4
21 Jan ADAUSD H4

Data of the relative strength index suggest the possibility of short-term growth of quotations pair ADA/USD. In turn, puncture resistance dynamic sales $0,0441 will allow bulls to test the density of the volumes for sale at the top of the price range of $0,0453-0,0420.

Sale Cardano recommended on the bounce of the price from $0,0453 with order $0,0436 and of $0.0425.


At auction a pair IOTA/USD, the parties are fighting over the key level of $0,3080. Resistance level reinforced EMA14 moving average with a value of $0,3072.

In the first hours of the current trading session false breakout of the key level, the pair recorded a session high price at $0,3206. The long upper shadow of the four-hour candles to confirm the willingness of bears to dramatically increase the volume of sales above the level of the price correction 50,0%-$0,3078.

21 января IOTAUSD H4

At the time of the market review of the value of the relative strength index is in neutral territory indicator chart. Line of the indicator are directed horizontally with a tendency to turn upward, indicating a slight advantage of bulls in the short trading period.

Possible breakout of the key level strong upward momentum of prices with update its session high.

Trading recommendations are not a reference to action. Following the recommendations, you assume all associated risk of loss.


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