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Max Kaiser: I feel Bitcoin will reach $ 15,000 this week

Max Keizer, a former Wall Street trader and Keizer Report RT lead program, known for his passion for cryptocurrency, shared his premonition that Bitcoin will exceed $ 15,000 this week.

“I am quite sure that next week Bitcoin will overcome the mark of 15 thousand dollars. People’s confidence in the government, central banks and fiat money has been at a minimum over the past few decades, ”the TV anchorman wrote on Twitter.

This post was published on the evening of August 3, when BTC was trading around $ 10,800. This morning, the first cryptocurrency is trading above $ 11,550, up 8% in the last 24 hours. If this trend continues, the Kaiser forecast has all chances to come true.

It is also worth noting that such positive forecasts have been heard more often lately. According to a recent report released by Delphi Digital, a digital asset research company, the macroeconomic landscape creates a “perfect storm” to trigger a rise in BTC.

“First of all, and this is perhaps the most important, the sentiments of global central banks have drastically changed the policy of monetary policy. The Fed (US Federal Reserve), the ECB (European Central Bank), the Bank of Japan, the NBK (People's Bank of China) and many others are currently preparing market participants for further rate cuts and additional incentive measures in an attempt to support current economic expansion. ” noted in the document.


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