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EOS, XLM, ADA, IOTA. Technical analysis and forecast of the exchange rate on 1-2 November 2018

On the markets of major altcoins is dominated by the bearish moods. The main influence on the course of altcoins continues to provide the situation on the market of bitcoin.


At the time of the market review of the EOS token is traded at the opening price of the day – $5,2500. Daily high quotations EOS/USD was fixed at $5,2583.

In the case of growth of quotations of the resistance of the bears is expected at the dynamic level of the moving average line EMA60 with the current value of $5,3530.

For significant support cryptocurrency market, the bulls need to overcome the resistance area of $5,3530-5,4470 and consolidate above the level of the reversal of the main trend.

1 ноября EOSUSD 1D

These technical indicators indicate a higher probability of a price breakout from the resistance level of $5,3530 with a reduction to the first key support level of $5,0300.

Indicator values RSI14 in sales, below the downtrend line, the indicator line directed horizontally with a tendency to turn down.

Sale EOS are recommended from the level of $5,3170 with order $5,1870 and $5,0640.


C 29 Oct bulls on the market Stellar manages to keep quotes cryptocurrency above technical retracement level of prices of 23.6% — $0,2220.

Pressure on the pair XLM/USD has moving average EMA60 with the current value of $0,2327 on the price scale.

1 ноября XLMUSD 1D

At the time of the market review Stellar listed $0,2252, declining from the level of the local maximum price of $0,2276.

There is a possibility that during the current session, the bears will attempt retesting of the support price EOS $0,2220. Depending on the result of the testing support can be predicted by a short-term course of bitcoin.


Cardano 29 October traded below the technical level of the price adjustment of 9.0% according to Fibonacci. EMA60 moving average exerts a pressure on the exchange rate of cryptocurrency.

Temporary support prices ADA/USD marked at $0,0690. Break of support will open the bears for the decline in prices of cryptocurrencies in the range of prices of $0,0670-0,0650.

1 ноября ADAUSD 1D

The data indicator of the relative strength index RSI14 confirm amplify the signals on the depreciation of Cardano. Indicator values in the area of sales, the RSI line is pointing downwards.

Breakdown of the indicator line of the border of the oversold area will give a signal to sell the pair ADA/USD.


Aldon IOTA 31 Oct recovered to the level of rates $0,4685 against local minimum of $0,4381. In this session, the bulls met the resistance of strong sales mirror the level of support and resistance $0,4746.

1 ноября IOTAUSD 1D

Analysis of the daily chart of the pair IOTA/USD shows that to develop the upward trend of the pair is possible only above the pivot levels trend at around $0,5053. Breaking above the mirror level the bulls will significantly reduce the risks of a collapse of quotations.

In the case of a sharp rise in sales may reduce prices IOTA to the key support level of $0,4400.

Trading recommendations are not a reference to action. Following the recommendations, you assume all associated risk of loss.


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