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EOS, XLM, ADA, IOTA. Technical analysis and forecast rate on 8-9 November 2018

In the markets of most major altcoins correction deepened. Recommended search entry points short positions on the local maxima of the prices.


At the beginning of the current session of the short-term wave of sales sent quotes EOS/USD below the key level of $5,6144. Daily low price of the EOS token is recorded for $5,5201.

In this session the bulls tried to recover the losses. At the time of the market review of the token is traded for $5,5970. The analysis of the price of the tool on the four-hour chart indicates the willingness of the bears to defend their positions on the key level of $5,6144.

8 ноября EOSUSD H4

It should be noted that the resistance level reinforced by the moving average EMA200. There is a high probability of retracement cryptocurrency from $5,6144 at least to the level of its session low at $5,5201.

Recommended the short sale EOS from the current price with targets of $5,5420 and $5,4600.


At the opening day price Stellar recorded a minimum session value at $0,2510.

During the first half of the trading day the bulls have recovered the losses from short sales. Resistance to growth of quotations XLM/USD bears have formed at the local level $0,2636.

8 ноября XLMUSD H4

In that case, if buyers Stellar not manage to consolidate above this level, we should expect a corrective decline of the pair’s quotes XLM/USD pair to the level price of $0,2600 on the second key level.

In case of breaking support at $0,2600 recommended short-term sales goals with the XLM $0,2565 and $0,2530.


Bulls in the market Cardano November 8, tested the resistance of sellers on the first key level of resistance $0,0790. To the chagrin of the players on the increase, resistance test confirmed the accumulation of large volumes of sales Cardano above the key level.

At the moment, under the pressure of aggressive sales Cardano reduced in area day low prices – $0,0763.

8 ноября ADAUSD H4

Breakdown support at this level will open the space bears to achieve the objectives at the level of a trend reversal $0,0746.

Sale Cardano recommended on the bounce of the price from $0,0782 with order $0,0774/$0,0772/$0,0752.


At the peak trading period day session bears on the market IOTA overcame customer support level of a trend reversal $0,4852.

8 ноября IOTAUSD H4

In the case of a four-hour closing candle below the pivot at 23:00 GMT are recommended in tandem IOTA/USD with targets of $0,4765 and $0,4720.

Trading recommendations are not a reference to action. Following the recommendations, you assume all associated risk of loss.


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