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EOS, XLM, ADA. Technical analysis and forecast rate on 11-12 December 2018

Prices of most altcoins slowed down after reaching key support levels. In the course of trading on 12 December in the markets of altcoins is possible to start the phase correction of the downtrend.


At the time of the market review EOS listed for $1,8260. During the current trading session, the pair EOS/USD continued lower after resistance level of $1,9520.

Temporary support to the price the buyers had $1,7880. These technical indicators indicate a predominance of bears in the market EOS. The current price is under pressure of moving average EMA14, the values of relative strength index in sales.

11 декабря EOSUSD H4
11 Dec EOSUSD H4

However, the line RSI14 has a tendency to turn upwards, indicating a likely correction of the pair EOS/USD. It is expected that short-term correctional growth of the pair will not exceed $1,9100.

Sale token EOS recommended on the bounce of the price of an asset from the dynamic resistance level of $1,9100 with order $1,7170/$1.6520 barrier/$1,5640.


At the time of the review market is trading at a Stellar $0,1127 on the local level of support.

Short-term trend of the pair XLM/USD downside: the current price value of scriptactive below the exponential moving average with period 14, the values of relative strength index in sales.

11 декабря XLMUSD H4
11 Dec XLMUSD H4

There is a possibility that the sellers will continue to increase its sales volumes, which in turn will lead to the absorption volumes of the bulls at the current price level. In this market situation one should expect declines in EOS/USD at least to $0,1060 key support level.

Sale Stellar possible from the current price of $0,1127 with order $0,1100 and $0,1060.


On the background of the overall market gain bearish trends Cardano during the current session, traded with a decline from the daily high of $0,0309 to the local support level of $0,0290.

At the time of the review of the market the pair ADA/USD is quoted at $0,0295. The market is experiencing a slight increase in the volumes of open positions on the cryptocurrency.

Cardano is under pressure, the current price is below the line EMA14 and the value indicator relative strength in sales. However, the trend line of the RSI to turn up indicates a forthcoming price adjustment tool.

11 декабря ADAUSD H4
11 Dec ADAUSD H4

It is assumed that the resistance increase of the pair ADA/USD bears will have on the dynamic level line EMA14 with the current value of $0,0304.

The price breakout from the resistance level for the sellers will open the opportunity to enter the market with short positions or to integrate open items for sale. Short-term target for shorts — $0,0295 and $0,0280.


A couple of IOTA/USD remained supported on the mirror $0,2200. At the time market trades at $0,2240.

There is a slight price increase IOTA amid fixation of the speculators of the profit for opened short position.

11 декабря IOTAUSD H4

The bears have formed the dynamic level of the moving average line EMA14 with the value on the price scale $0,2306.

It is not excluded correctional growth rates of scriptactive to the marked level of resistance. In that case, if buyers IOTA foothold above $0,2306, they will have the opportunity of consolidating volumes for the development of retracement at least to the level of the rotation trend $0,2468.

Trading recommendations are not a reference to action. Following the recommendations, you assume all associated risk of loss.


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