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ETH / USD: technical analysis of the course, March 5-6, 2019

Having fixed above the technical support level of $ 133.20, the ethereum will receive sufficient market support to restore the medium-term uptrend.

Four-hour chart pair ETH / USD

At the time of the market review, the etrium price has broken through sales resistance at the reversal level of $ 132.20 and is adjusted at a strong technical support level of $ 133.20.

Session price maximum is fixed at $ 134.77. The ETH / USD pair is supported by the EMA200 moving average.

March 5 ETHUSD H4
March 5 ETHUSD H4

The value of the relative strength index is in the area of purchases, the indicator line is directed upwards, which indicates a high probability of continued growth of the ethereum price towards the first key resistance level of $ 138.00.

It is expected that by the end of the trading session on March 5 the price of ethereum paired with the US dollar will be fixed in the range of $ 138.00-133.20.


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