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Ethena Launches ‘Epoch 2’, the Second Part of its “Shard Campaign”

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  • Ethena initiates the second stage of its “Fragment Campaign” with Epoch 2, incentivizing liquidity in Curve’s USDe pools.
  • During the first phase, in just five days, the USDe supply grew to over $440 million, with $100 million added to Curve’s pools, some filling $15 million quotas in less than 30 minutes.
  • With the launch of Epoch 2, Ethena continues to promote active participation in DeFi, offering attractive profit opportunities and transparency in its campaign.

Ethena, a DeFi platform, has initiated its second stage of the “Fragment Campaign” with the launch of Epoch 2. During the first phase, they focused on incentivizing users to provide liquidity in Curve’s USDe pools and hold USDe in their wallets.

In just five days since the launch of the first epoch, the USDe supply grew to over $440 million, with $100 million added to Curve’s pools. Some of these pools reached their $15 million limits in less than half an hour.

To maintain momentum and continue incentivizing user participation, Ethena has introduced Epoch 2. This second epoch introduces several novelties, including increasing limits in certain pools, as well as the amount of USDe that can be locked. Additionally, Pendle has been added as a new component of the campaign.

Users providing liquidity in designated pools can lock their LP tokens through Ethena’s frontend to continue accumulating fragments. The USDe locking limit has also been raised from $100 million to $200 million, with the possibility of further increases during this epoch. Those locking USDe will continue to receive 10 fragments per day for each locked USDe.

Ethena Denies Participation to Several Countries, Including the United States

Furthermore, on Pendle, users can deposit USDe up to a certain limit and receive rewards in fragments. Once this limit is reached, more Pendle pools for sUSDe will be added. With additional details provided alongside the Pendle team.

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It’s important to note that Ethena is committed to transparency and simplicity in its campaign. The new stages of the campaign add to the fragments collected in previous epochs. Ensuring that users continue to receive rewards for their participation.

However, it is crucial to consider that some jurisdictions have access restrictions to the Ethena platform due to local regulations. The platform has provided an extensive FAQ section to help users better understand the project and associated risks.

With the launch of Epoch 2, Ethena continues its mission to promote active participation in the DeFi ecosystem. Offering attractive profit opportunities for those who contribute to liquidity and market stability.

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