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Experts: Already this year we will see Bitcoin for $ 10,000

The Bitcoin exchange rate to the dollar, given the success of the first cryptocurrency this spring, will show growth throughout the year and reach $ 10,000 before its end. This forecast was made by co-founder and chief financial analyst at Fundstrat Global Advisors Tom Lee.

The chief market analyst at ThinkMarkets, Naim Aslam, explains further that the current monetary policy adopted by central banks around the world is unsustainable and ridiculous. All she did was buy fuel and inflate asset prices, and as questions grow as to how independent the Federal Reserve is, and as we see it has no options, people will turn to digital assets. .

Ikigai Asset Management Chief Investment Officer Travis Kling (Travis Kling) recently expressed a similar opinion, calling the actions of the central bank politicized. Thus, more and more people prefer to use Bitcoin as a hedge, leveling the effects of the uncertainty of the “irresponsible” monetary policy.


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