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The whales woke up: Billions in BTC and ETH was set in motion

Throughout 2018, was kept a “bear market”: General dynamics cryptocurrency assets remained negative, despite the short-term jump. All year the whales waited, continuing to accumulate Bitcoin and Ethereum.


“Whales, traded, accumulated for the year 2018, more than in any period in the history of Ethereum, despite the ongoing bear market. By the end of the year in the hands of the whales were 80% more assets than his beginning.”

Meanwhile, unknown Keith made a transfer of bitcoins more than a quarter of a billion dollars. One transaction was translated 66 233 BTC, equivalent to $265 million, at an estimated fee of $44. Interestingly, this kit is a very old player: his account was created in 2013.

Киты проснулись: Миллиарды в BTC и ETH пришли в движение

Many members of the cryptocurrency community saw this as a threat, because a whale can have as their objective the sale of the accumulated bitcoins, which with high probability will lead to a new collapse of the exchange rate of BTC. However, the true motives of the whale, as his real name, remain a mystery.

However, even if the whale really wants to sell their impressive savings, we should not fall into hasty panic: it is unlikely that the funds will be withdrawn on cryptocurrency exchanges as in this case, it really can severely hurt the market. Most likely, for sale kit will use OTC ways, of course, if he really wants to sell their bitcoins.

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