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How are businesses utilizing blockchain technology in their practices?

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Modernization is the need of the hour as the global community continues to reach new heights of innovation and digitization in almost every sector and industry. As much as this sounds exciting, it puts a lot of responsibility on businesses and organizations to introduce new trends in their normal routines. However, it gives them a lot of room for improvement, and helps them to be more efficient. One such opportunity was brought upon by the advent on modern blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology has proved to be a major breakthrough in several aspects, as it has completely revamped traditional concept of currency and business strategies. Moreover, it has provided an effective alternative to central banking and transactions as well, making life more simpler in many terms. Therefore, several applications of blockchain have the tendency to completely revamp the way modern businesses function.

More feasibility and security for business operations

The innovation brough upon by blockchain has essentially simplified several tasks by the use of mere programs. We have seen that the best blockchain startups make use of smart contracts to decide the terms and conditions of any contract beforehand, and then apply them with ease at the right time. There is no possibility of any fraudulent activity, time delay or censorship in the practical implication of smart contracts.

These smart contracts also provide more security and certainty to the involved parties, and simplifies the process. Businesses can use them to cut down on costs and bypass complicated regulations with ease.

As the concept of blockchain is also extended in the form of cryptocurrency, a blockchain enterprise can use it to compensate its employees.

Eventually, a company can save several costs and taxes by paying their workers in crypto.  Therefore, with more security and ease of use, blockchain helps sectors in managing their routine operations and activities.


Practical use of blockchain in the supply chain sector

Supply chain is a very vast field that caters to the most essential part of a running business. However, traditional methods of supply chain management can get extremely problematic because if one of the component fails, the entire chain gets on it knees.

However, with the use of blockchain technology, supply chain management can be easily digitized, as it will ensure more clear audits and will assist in keeping records at each value-added step.

In addition to this, companies can keep their control over outsourced contract manufacturing. Through the use of blockchain technology, all parties and stakeholders will have direct access to the same information with ease.

Consequently, it will reduce any data transfer errors, and will also cut down the need for any such communication between the partners.

Companies can, therefore, focus on the product quality and other minor details, as they will save their energy and expenditure on validating the data. Lastly, blockchain can also help organizations in accelerating the data validating process through the use of a distributed ledger.

We have the example of ibm and Maersk that partnered up to adopt blockchain technology. As a result, they made a new global trade platform, purely based on blockchain technology.

They spearheaded the way towards innovation and constructive use of technology for businesses and large-scale organizations. The organization aimed at reducing the global shipping cost and improve visibility across supply chains.

Moreover, the partnership was also aimed at minimizing the inefficiencies of traditional methods and techniques. In short, they revolutionized the supply chain sector by digitizing it bringing it under the blockchain realm.

Maersk has recognized the effective consequences of the step and has admitted that the use of blockchain has given them a better shot at reviewing their data. They have also experienced a more transparent and secure movement of cargo around the world, with an immutable transactional history.

This shows the practical applications of blockchain in the business world, and proves that it is all set to be the big thing in revolutionizing business operations.

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