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EOS, XLM, ADA, IOTA. Technical analysis and forecast rate on 11-12 January 2019

In the markets of altcoins continues phase correction of the short wave.


Under pressure from the outlet 10 Jan quotes token EOS dropped to the level of two-week lows prices $2,3400. The nature of trading a pair EOS/USD technical levels price adjustment of $2,3790 demonstrated the willingness of the bulls to defend their positions.

Thus, only a confirmation of the break of the support price at the designated level will signal the end of the medium-term uptrend.

11 января EOSUSD H4
11 Jan EOSUSD H4

At the moment EOS is under pressure, as indicated by the data of technical indicators. Values of relative strength index remains in the oversold and under pressure of moving average values of EMA14. Line RSI7 is directed horizontally, which indicates a decrease in the activity of the parties at the auction on the EOS and on the probability of further price consolidation in the current range.

Sale EOS with the lowest risk is recommended only after confirmation of the break of the support price in the range of $2,3790-2,3280. The point of entry into the market with purchases of the token can be considered above $2,5740 correction level rates of 38.2%.


Session loss Stellar 10 January was -13,31%. Under the pressure of outlet steam XLM/USD has broken through the levels of the price adjustment of 50.0%-$0,1206 and 61.8%-$0,1143 not getting much support bulls. Daily low prices of the cryptocurrency is fixed at the level of the price correction 78,6% -$0,1050.

Temporary support pair XLM/USD buyers have formed at the local level $0,1070. The upper border of the short-term correction of the downward movement observed at the level of $0,1110.

11 января XLMUSD H4
11 Jan XLMUSD H4

Stellar is under strong bearish pressure, as indicated by the data of technical indicators: the values of relative strength index in the oversold indicator line is under pressure EMA14.

Sales of XLM/USD are recommended for the bounce of the price from $0,1110 with order $0,1080 and $0,1050.


At the time of the review of the market of the Cardano is trading at $0,0451 at the level of the price adjustment 38.2% of Fibonacci. The boundaries of the daily trading range indicated a price of $0,0440 and $0,0458. Long lower shadows of candlesticks indicate the willingness of the bulls to buy scriptactive from the local lows of the price.

The increased activity of buyers is confirmed by the relative strength index: the indicator values have recovered above the border with the overbought, the indicator line is pointing up.

11 января ADAUSD H4
11 Jan ADAUSD H4

There is a possibility of short-term growth of quotations ADA/USD at least until the dynamic resistance of the moving average line EMA14 with the current value of $0,0468.

Short sale ADA/USD possible bounce of dynamic resistance level with targets of $0,0460 $0,0450.


Under the influence of sales on the global stock market January 10, the maximum loss IOTA reached -21,3%. At the close of trading day lost a pair of IOTA/USD fell to -16,0%, and the bidding ended at $0,3138.

At the time of the market review Aldon traded at $0,3220 with the growth of quotations from the support level of the price correction 50,0%-$0,3080.

11 января IOTAUSD H4

It is assumed that a significant volume of sales IOTA bears consolidate above the level of the price correction 38,2%-$0,3316. There is a possibility of short-term growth of quotations pair to the marked level. Sale in a pair of IOTA/USD from $0,3316 with order $0,3253/$0,3157/$0,3077.

Trading recommendations are not a reference to action. Following the recommendations, you assume all associated risk of loss.


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