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In what ways is the cryptocurrency market impacted by influencers and content creators?

Cryptocurrency is an industry that has grown exponentially over the past few years. The growth of the sector has been attributed to certain factors consistently. But the crypto market is now worth trillions of dollars, and it has great potential to produce high returns for investors. Additionally, cryptocurrency is also becoming a viable alternative to fiat currencies.

The traditional concept of money and currency has been highly influenced by the concept of crypto in recent times. Cryptocurrencies also provide an effective payments and transactions that ensures more feasibility for consumers. Many experts believe that crypto has the capacity to act as a hedge against inflation. Considering the economic complexities of the world, this can prove to be a major breakthrough for the financial sector. 

The international perception about cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies are challenging the dominance of traditional banks by providing users with the desired levels of anonymity. There are many countries that have objected to the use of crypto only because it is decentralized and anonymous. They argue that it can aid in money laundering and terror financing all over the world, as it is difficult to trace any money transferring activity. However, the perception is changing to some degree as the modern world is getting more used to of the concept.

In the same vein, consumers were relieved from the regulated conventional banking system because of the emergence of crypto. The crypto sector is also gaining a lot of attention from developing countries, as it has the potential to support their economies. Crypto trading and investing is becoming highly popular in countries of South Asia and South America that have a high poverty and unemployment rate. People are availing the opportunity of building another income stream through crypto.

The crypto market, however, has been observed to be very volatile and reactive to news, which makes it unreliable and unstable. Cryptocurrency trading and investing is popular among individuals and organizations alike. Trades are made according to goals and strategies of the investors. They choose cryptocurrencies from a whole lot of them. Trading platforms are used to make the right trade decisions due to the risks associated with crypto trading. Trading platforms forecast cryptocurrency price movements using artificial intelligence. This makes them a more reliable option to have a better shot at trading. Traders and investors from around the world join different platforms to have an in-depth understanding of the current market situation.

How are content creators monetizing their intellectual property with blockchain?

Content creators and influencers have an opportunity to monetize their creations and claim ownership of them with the rise of blockchain technology. NFTs are also becoming more prevalent in the entertainment and sports industries, where they can be bought and sold for thousands of dollars over different NFT marketplaces. It is more lucrative for artists to claim their hard-earned rewards this way. It is for this reason that there has been a shift in trends in the flow of money in these sectors.

While blockchain can undoubtedly solve some of these artists’ issues, their influence over the crypto space is definitely a challenge for other investors. Ultimately, they disrupt the outlook of the market through their campaigns and trends. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are also often confused by creators. In spite of this, they have certainly found a solution to the copyright and hacking issues in the entertainment industry. This can be a major breakthrough for creators to claim their artwork and intellectual property.

Using social media platforms as marketing tools

The cryptocurrency market has majorly responded to the tweets of billionaires and other well-known figures more than any other market. A prominent example is Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, who has been accused repeatedly of manipulating the crypto market with his tweets and statements. In the year 2021, Mr. Musk’s remarks had a significant impact on the performance of Bitcoin and Dogecoin. Over and over again, financial experts have criticized the crypto industry for this disruption. As they believe that this instability can lead to major financial concerns for the market in the future. In spite of this, a number of investors have learned to live with the phenomenon.

The influence of social media platforms such as Facebook (Meta), Twitter, and Tik Tok on the cryptocurrency market has also been significant. In order to reach a wider audience and manipulate the market, influencers run campaigns, trends, and hashtags on these platforms. It is believed that social media trends can influence market price movements to a significant degree, whether for good or for bad. Cryptocurrency consumers may feel panicked by the gossips and chatter on these platforms.

Social media campaigns have been widely used by crypto experts to spread FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) among consumers. It is never a good sign for a financial market to be so reactive to these trends, which is why the crypto industry must find a way to get out of this. Otherwise, investors will find other alternatives to crypto for a better trading career. However, the crypto industry is expected to grow and overcome these factors in the coming years which will allow more people to join the bandwagon of crypto.

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