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Justin Sun Allegedly Acquires $487 Million of Ethereum in Two Weeks

Ethereum Fever: Justin Sun Allegedly Acquires $487 Million in Two Weeks


  • A wallet suspected of belonging to Justin Sun has purchased $487 million worth of Ethereum in just two weeks.
  • Mass acquisitions of ETH have coincided with an increase in its value, surpassing $3,000 per unit.
  • Although he has not confirmed his involvement, the community is speculating about Sun’s possible role in these transactions.

In recent weeks, the cryptocurrency market has witnessed a series of extraordinary movements that have generated quite a stir in the community.

In particular, a large wallet, suspected to belong to Tron tycoon Justin Sun, has made massive acquisitions of Ethereum (ETH), fueling speculation and capturing the attention of investors and market observers.

Data revealed by Lookonchain shows that this wallet, allegedly associated with Justin Sun, has spent a staggering $487 million worth of ETH in a span of just two weeks.

These acquisitions, totaling 168,369 ETH, are equivalent to an average of $2,894 per unit.

Importantly, these purchases were not limited to Binance, but also involved decentralized exchanges (DEX), suggesting a diversified strategy for acquiring ETH.

The last recorded movement was a purchase of 13,780 ETH, valued at approximately $41.24 million, made on Binance just 12 hours ago.

This transaction follows a series of previous acquisitions, including a purchase of 18,616 ETH for $54.57 million on February 23, among others.

The suspicion that this wallet belongs to Justin Sun has led to intense debates and speculation in the cryptocurrency community

Although Sun has not confirmed its involvement in these transactions, the frequency and scale of the purchases have fueled theories about its possible involvement.

Ethereum Fever: Justin Sun Allegedly Acquires $487 Million in Two Weeks

These massive ETH acquisitions have coincided with a notable rise in the value of Ethereum, which recently surpassed the $3,000 per unit mark.

This continued ETH price growth, with an increase of 39.88% in the last month and a staggering 94.62% in the last year, reflects the significant impact these transactions have had on the market.

In addition, other relevant aspects in the Justin Sun landscape are mentioned, including his involvement in the HTX exchange and the controversies surrounding it.

These contextual details contribute to a better understanding of the background to the ETH acquisitions and their potential impact on the broader cryptocurrency market.

Recent massive ETH purchases made by a wallet suspected of belonging to Justin Sun have generated widespread interest and speculation in the cryptocurrency community, while the continued growth of Ethereum’s price underlines the importance of these movements in the market.

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