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Manufacturer of mining equipment, Bitmain accused triptoreline

Mining company Bitmain, which is the leader in production of equipment for mining cryptocurrency, is accused of captodiamine (implicit hashing) through their ASIC miners. This is stated in a class action filed in the Northern California at the initiative of the miner Mountain Gevorgyan.

“About two years ago, the machine started work in low-power mode and they did not have account settings at the default, which transferred the virtual currency, obtained in the process of configuring devices,” says miner.

According to Gevorkian, the recent modification to Bitmain ASIC allows devices to immediately start work in full power, and it continues until, until the end of the setup process during which a client account is not associated with the device.

“Account by default, ASIC Bitmain miners coincides with the company’s account on their server Antpool”, — said Gevorgyan.

The configuration process can last from several hours to several days, at this time, according to the applicant, the device ASIC from Bitmain, pre-configured to use electricity to their customers, bottom cryptocurrency in the interests of the company.

Gevorgyan is sure that the Northern California court has jurisdiction over Bitmain, as in this state there are active branches of the company.


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