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Mining reward Ethereum reached the lowest level

Daily mining rewards for second-tier cryptocurrencies by market capitalization Ethereum fell to the lowest level registered.

While ETH has rallied along with the other ten currencies, even rising above XRP, the coin has experienced the lowest levels since the data was first tracked. Etherscan data show that the sudden and severe drop in ETH production is the result of an increase in Ethereum production complexity .

In August 2018, the main developers of Ethereum completed the meeting with a decision to increase the complexity of mining for the coin, which was then called the “difficulty bomb”, which would be postponed until the launch of the long-awaited Constantinople hard forks. The goal of the bomb is to increase the proof of the work of the loot needed to receive the ETH reward, thereby reducing the daily amount of ETH added to the turnover.

Bomb hardship will require more computing power on average for a similar payout at ETH, requiring miners to invest more resources while at the same time easing inflation. A move that current investors are likely to applaud. This is also implemented in order to prevent the miners from obtaining the ETH by the traditional method as soon as the coin and its public blockchain switch to the PoS algorithm. Compared to Proof of Work, PoS rewards investors and groups for “betting” their coins on the network, thereby reaping the reward of dividends paid in proportion to the number of coins staked on the card.

If the developers of Ethereum continue to push hardfork, PoS integration and a surge of complexity, the current ETH miners will bring maximum benefit. A further delay in increasing mining ETH effectively makes the coin more profitable for mining at the moment, even if updates are waiting on the horizon.

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