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New York Times: Telegram prepares to send investors first shipment of Gram

The Telegram team informed investors that it plans to send out the first lots of its Gram coin, issued on the basis of the Telegram Open Network blockchain platform over the next two months.

This, with reference to three TON investors, reports one of the leading American business publications of The New York Times. The company also plans to release an electronic wallet, which can be used by 200-300 million users of the messenger.

Telegram representatives did not respond to numerous journalistic requests with a request to comment on this information. Unlike Facebook, which published public plans for its Libra cryptocurrency long before the token was launched, Telegram to a large extent continues to keep all information secret. This opacity may create issues that Telegram will face when it finally issues its coin.

However, Telegram has always acted with some degree of disregard for the opinions of regulators.


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