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Nike is preparing to launch cryptocurrency Cryptokicks

In the list of large companies with a world name, which are preparing to launch their own cryptocurrency replenishment – now Nike is planning to release its own coin.

The American company Nike, Inc. sent an application to the registration of the trademark “Cryptokicks” to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The subject of the patent is consonant with the new brand token called Cryptokicks, which is intended primarily for members of the online community representing cryptocurrency wallets and online services.

In addition, the document describes plans to create an electronic trading platform that Nike plans to use to distribute its shoes and clothing, and to create a website for participants in the company's program with a separate forum.

According to Josh Gerben, a legal expert on trademarks, Nike certainly has a big business idea, as the company has never been seen in the registration of speculative bids.

You can appeal the Nike application within 30 days, after which the company will secure the “Cryptokicks” trademark for four years. To obtain full rights to use it, a company will need to launch a commercial product with that name during this period of time.


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