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The State Duma Committee proposed a bill on the division of investors into categories

The State Duma Committee on the Financial Market proposed a bill calling for securing various categories of investors at the legislative level. The corresponding document was sent to the lower house of parliament and recommended for adoption in the first reading.

It was initiated by deputies of the State Duma and members of the Federation Council headed by Anatoly Aksakov.

Consideration of the bill is scheduled for May 28.

The document provides for the allocation of several categories of investors:

  1. Unqualified investors, which in turn are divided into specially protected unqualified investors and simple unqualified investors;
  2. Qualified investors, they are also divided into simple qualified investors and professional qualified investors.

In accordance with the draft law, the requirements for all market participants are established strictly depending on which category they belong to.

The obligation to carry out the division of investors into categories will be assigned to a broker, forex dealer, MC unit fund, trustee, credit organizations, insurance funds.

According to the committee, this bill was created to increase the degree of investor confidence in the financial market to ensure the flow of private investment in the Russian economy.

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