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NodeMonkes: The Unstoppable Rise of Bitcoin-Based NFTs

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  • The crypto market experiences an impressive surge led by Bitcoin, with notable impact on NFTs.
  • NodeMonkes, a BTC-based NFT, records a 53% increase, solidifying its position as the second most valuable collection after BAYC.
  • While NodeMonkes enjoys an ascent, other collections like BAYC and Froganas show mixed results with decreases in base price and sales volume.

The crypto market experiences an impressive surge in the last 24 hours, led by Bitcoin and with significant repercussions in the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) market. In particular, BTC-based NFTs have witnessed a surprising increase, with NodeMonkes standing out as one of the main protagonists.

NodeMonkes, a Bitcoin-based NFT, has recorded an impressive 53% increase, establishing itself as the second most valuable NFT collection after Bore Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). This rise in NodeMonkes’ price has brought its base value to 0.82 BTC, equivalent to $55,416 at the time of writing.

While these NFTs experiences a meteoric ascent, other collections have shown mixed results. For example, BAYC, based on Ethereum, has seen a slight 7% decrease in its base price, while Solana-powered NFTs like Froganas have suffered a 13% decline in sales volume.

NodeMonkes’ surge has been supported by a 156% increase in sales in the last 24 hours, reaching a total of $5,496,881. This surge in sales has been accompanied by a 103% increase in transaction volume, with a total of 118 sales transactions made by 99 buyers and 94 sellers.

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NodeMonkes Prepares to Contest the Throne of BAYC

In addition, the total number of NodeMonkes owners has reached 2,278, with collectors holding onto these NFTs for an average of 12 days and achieving a 48% gain compared to the previous period.

NodeMonkes’ rise coincides with Bitcoin’s price recovery, which has surpassed $68,000 again in the last 24 hours after a brief dip last week. This increase has led some market observers to compare this trend with the growing popularity of meme coins based on Solana rather than Ethereum.

The surge of NodeMonkes and other BTC-based NFTs reflects the increasing diversity and dynamism of the crypto market and highlights the potential of NFTs as highly attractive asset class.

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