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PancakeSwap Announces a New Trading Competition With Over $120K in Prizes

PancakeSwap Announces a New Trading Competition With Over $120K in Prizes

Pancakeswap, a popular Decentralized Exchange known as an automated market maker (AMM), announced today that it would launch a new trading competition with a variety of incentives for participants.

According to their announcement, interested individuals are to connect their wallets to the platform, set up their profiles, and choose the team they would like to join to participate with, in order to take part in this event. The teams are – Syrup Storm, Fearsome Flippers, and Chaotic Cakers. 

If you already have a team, all you have to do is create an account before May 16th to be a part of the “epic battle.”

There is $120,000 worth of tokens to grab, together with other additional incentives. Among the prizes that have been made available to the participants are pickaxes, mining crystals, different categories of NFTs, and other bigger prizes.

The post says: “Join your teammates and trade eligible pairs to win over $120,000 worth of tokens in a combination of $CAKE and $DAR!”

Additional Prizes for the top 100 players

PancakeSwap Announces a New Trading Competition With Over $120K in Prizes

The top 100 players on each team will receive additional rewards, which are divided into two categories – Limited Edition Pancake Bunnies NFT and Mines of Dalarnia NFT — The Bunny Helmet.

While the Pancake Bunnies NFT is available to both sides of the competition, the Bunny Helmet, which is an exclusive Mines of Dalarnia NFT, will only be available to the top 100 $DAR trading victors of the PancakeSwap trading competition.

They claim that the PancakeSwap reward NFT will be 3D, animated, and styled around the Mines of Dalarnia. Most significantly, the NFT will feature and highlight the victorious team’s mascot.

The unique Helmet NFT modifies your character’s appearance in Mines of Dalarnia and may be worn on any other piece of equipment without impacting your miner’s attributes or stats. As a result, you can always wear the Pancake Swap helmet while creating more powerful mining equipment to improve your mining capabilities.

The most fascinating aspect of the event is that the earnings of the teams will have no bearing on the earnings of individuals, as each winning tier will receive its own achievements in addition to team points.

Users can collect their winnings after the competition has ended by going to the event page on the website, clicking the Claim Prizes option, and checking their scores. As a result, all eligible participants will have their rewards airdropped automatically into their wallets.

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