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Polygon Network Comes Back Online After an Rxtended Service Outage


Several projects and blockchain protocols are trying innovative techniques to make their models more effective and usable. Mainstream blockchain protocols, like Ethereum and Polygon, aim to become more popular in the consumer sector with such advancements in their working models. However, these projects still face errors and problems from time to time. They also come up with upgrades for the introduction of new features, bug fixes, and so on.

A similar issue was recently faced by the Polygon Network. As a result, the network’s service was suspended for almost 11 hours. However, the team of developers has now announced the resumption of services on the network consensus. The announcement was made through a tweet after users complained of halted operations.

Upgrades on the Polygon Network

The developing team of Polygon had announced that the network will be out from 5:50 PM UTC to 6:00 or 7:00 PM UTC, citing upgradation of Polygon’s one of the three layers. However, the time duration was prolonged, as the Polygon team confirmed at 1:30 AM UTC that the problem is still being worked upon. As the network was not coming back online, the users got confused and speculative.

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The team, however, announced that a hotfix is being distributed for the continuation of blocks creation on the blockchain. The hotfix was utilized to temporarily fix the network consensus. The team also apologized for the delay in network suspension. Moreover, the network promised to be extra vigilant in the future to avoid any such inconveniences.

The developers also reassured users and consumers that their funds are completely secure. They announced that they are working on long-term and permanent solutions to such issues. In the meanwhile, the network will keep its users updated through various engagement channels. The official forum of the Polygon network is used to share details about updates and upgrades.

Polygon network is designed in such a way that its three layers offer more security and solutions to the users. If any of the three layers fail, the other two are meant to function without any error. This is primarily the reason that more consumer attention was drawn to the Polygon Network. Users of several other networks joined the Polygon community.

However, the prolonged outage has infuriated the consumers. They believe that such issues are a result of criminal negligence. The extended downtime is causing negative discussions about the overall network. Therefore, Polygon will have to do more in the future to win over the confidence of its consumers.

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