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Railgun Denies Accusations: Disavows Any Link with North Korea’s Lazarus Group

Railgun Denies Accusations: Disavows Any Link with North Korea's Lazarus Group


  • Railgun denies ties to North Korea’s Lazarus group.
  • The platform claims to have a “Private Proof of Innocence” system to block sanctioned users.
  • Allegations of Railgun misuse by the Lazarus Group are debunked.

Amid accusations and speculation, Railgun, a privacy protocol platform in DeFi, has categorically rejected any connection to the North Korean Lazarus group.

This group has previously been linked to illicit activities in the crypto space.

The controversy arose following a report from Elliptic, backed by publications such as Wu Blockchain, which suggested that the Lazarus Group had been using Railgun to “launder” more than $60 million in Ethereum stolen in June 2022.

However, Railgun has defended its integrity and security, highlighting its “Private Proof of Innocence” system implemented more than a year ago.

The system implemented by Railgun is expected to have the ability to prevent any access attempts by users who are sanctioned or have malicious intent, thus disavowing the allegations against them.

Railgun emphasizes that the initial allegations are baseless and incorrect, reiterating its continued commitment to the principles of legality and transparency in all its operations.

Elliptic‘s report also notes that a significant portion of the funds processed by the platform are related to the Harmony hack, which they say has had an impact on the effectiveness of their fund-mixing system.

Railgun rejects accusations: Denies any links to North Korea's Lazarus group

Railgun insists that its verification system has worked correctly to prevent any misuse of its platform

Importantly, Railgun has been in operation since 2023 with its “Private Proof of Innocence” verification system, reinforcing its position of not being involved in illicit activities.

Furthermore, Railgun‘s public response to these accusations demonstrates its commitment to transparency and righteousness in a blockchain space often marked by opacity and mistrust.

The protocol strongly rejects any connection with the Lazarus Group and other sanctioned entities, backing its claim with a robust security system.

This episode highlights the importance of security and integrity in the DeFi world, where trust and reputation are critical assets for long-term success.

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