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Ripple Invests $25 Million to Promote Cryptocurrency-Friendly Political Leaders

Ripple invests $25 million to promote crypto-friendly political leaders


  • Ripple invests $25 million in campaigns to support pro-cryptocurrency political leaders.
  • Ripple CEO criticizes politicians’ lack of understanding of cryptocurrencies.
  • Digital Chamber of Commerce and XRP lawyer challenge Senator Elizabeth Warren’s proposed anti-crime legislation.

In a move that reflects the growing influence of the cryptocurrency world in the political sphere, Ripple has announced a $25 million investment alongside Andreessen Horowitz and Coinbase to back political candidates who advocate for constructive, cryptocurrency-friendly regulation.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has emphasized the importance of this initiative, highlighting the need for leaders who truly understand the functioning and usefulness of cryptocurrencies.

Garlinghouse has noted that many politicians lack an adequate understanding of the world of cryptocurrencies, which leads to ill-informed regulatory policymaking.

This lack of understanding, according to Garlinghouse, has led to cryptocurrencies becoming a mere political cliché, with discourses that lack solid foundations.

Ripple invests $25 million in campaigns to support pro-crypto political leaders

In this sense, the investment of Ripple and other companies in the sector seeks to counteract this trend

The campaign aims to provide backing to political candidates who champion regulations that are well-informed and conducive to the expansion of the cryptocurrency market.

The objective is to endorse individuals who understand the nuances of the industry and are committed to fostering an environment that encourages innovation and sustainable growth within the realm of cryptocurrencies.

Criticism of Senator Elizabeth Warren‘s proposed anti-crime legislation has also been a prominent topic in the crypto community.

The Digital Chamber of Commerce has called the bill “unworkable,” warning that it could have devastating consequences for the U.S. business sector.

On the other hand, XRP lawyer John Deaton has launched a campaign against Senator Warren, questioning her management and promising to oppose her in the next election.

These events highlight the growing interaction between the world of cryptocurrencies and politics, as well as the importance of having informed political leaders committed to regulation that encourages innovation and growth of the cryptocurrency market.

The investment by Ripple and other companies in the sector in promoting crypto-friendly political leaders is a significant step in this direction, and could have a lasting impact on the evolution of the crypto ecosystem in the United States and beyond.

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