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Scams in Ethereum Layer-2 Cryptocurrencies: Warns to Withdraw Funds from Fraudulent Projects

Scams in Ethereum Layer-2 Cryptocurrencies: Warns to Withdraw Funds from Fraudulent Projects


  • ZachXBT identifies and warns about a malicious group that has been attacking Ethereum Layer-2 networks.
  • Affected projects include Magnate, Kokomo, Lendora and Solfire, with significant losses.
  • Users are advised to withdraw their assets from these suspicious platforms to avoid risks.

The cryptocurrency world has been rocked again by the revelation of fraudulent activities.

In this case, the researcher known as ZachXBT has unearthed a network of scams that has wreaked havoc on Ethereum‘s Layer-2 networks.

This malicious group has targeted major projects such as Magnate, Kokomo, Lendora and Solfire, taking with them a considerable amount of funds.

The most alarming thing is that these scammers have managed to accumulate millions of dollars before making their tracks disappear.

The tactic appears to be to take advantage of projects similar to Compound V2, a decentralized platform for cryptocurrency borrowing and lending.

ZachXBT has connected the dots between these scam projects and platforms like Leaper Finance on the Blast network, Zebra Lending on Base, and Glori Finance on Arbitrum.

The investigation reveals that the funds for these scam projects come from previous scams, such as Crolend/HashDAO/HellHoundFi, pointing to the complexity and continuity of the fraudulent activities.

The modus operandi of this group is to accumulate a substantial amount of digital assets before abruptly shutting down operations and disappearing from the digital landscape.

Ethereum Layer-2 Network Cryptocurrency Scams: Warns of Withdrawing Funds from Fraudulent Projects

The importance of this disclosure lies in the protection of the users cryptocurrencies

ZachXBT strongly advises users to promptly withdraw their assets from these platforms to effectively mitigate any additional risks that may arise.

The potential loss of funds within the cryptocurrency ecosystem not only directly impacts individuals but also carries the potential to reverberate throughout the broader market, affecting overall confidence and stability.

Given this context, it is imperative for cryptocurrency users to maintain a vigilant stance against any suspicious activities within the crypto space.

Taking proactive measures, such as closely monitoring transactions and promptly withdrawing assets from platforms flagged for fraudulent activities, is paramount to safeguarding investments and ensuring a secure financial environment for all participants in cryptocurrencies.

Transparency and collaboration in the crypto community, like that shown by ZachXBT in exposing these scams, are critical to maintaining the integrity and healthy growth of the blockchain and DeFi ecosystem.

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