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Skyrocketing trading volume strengthens Axie Infinity as the leading gaming token rally

The cryptocurrency market has given birth to a range of different concepts and ideas in the modern world. This has led to more innovation and digitization in different sectors and industries throughout the world. The growth of DeFi, NFTs, and play-to-earn games is also propelled by the crypto sector. People from all over the world are showing interest in these fields, making them more successful and in-demand.

Several projects have also earned a huge name for themselves in these field. They have led the way for other projects to achieve more success in their respective sectors. In the play-to-earn gaming industry, Axie Infinity has played the role of a trendsetter and leader. The faming project has had a fair share of spotlight from the consumers, and it is something that has helped the project to grow. As these concepts gain more and more attention from the consumers, these projects have the tendency to further grow and make a statement in the digital asset market.

Axie Infinity trading volume explodes

Axie Infinity is a known name among the consumers, however, over the last month, it has recorded massive revenues. Proving its worth to the market, the gaming token has hit new record levels and milestones. It has helped the project to make play-to-earn games more rewarding and beneficial for the players and users.

Over the course of last 30 days, Axie Infinity has generated almost $191 million in revenues from its decentralized applications. This is a major breakthrough for the platform as it indicates the progress of the concept. These play-to-earn games have given a chance for people to earn rewards in a fun manner. Hence, this is why they have grown to become a user-favorite. Also, these games have provided an opportunity for players from the developing world to maintain an extra income stream. They support them financially, while enhancing their skills in the sector.

The number of players in the crypto gaming industry has increased big time. More and more wallets are being connected with gaming-related crypto. This indicates that people are adopting these games and platforms. According to an estimate, more than 600% wallets have been linked with GameFi in less than three months. GameFi is also a part of the Axie ecosystem, and therefore, they are gaining more popularity in the crypto gaming sector. Axie had previously recorded 1.8 million daily active users on its platform, and now its sales volume has exceeded $2.6 billion. As a result, the value and the market cap of the AXS token has also increased significantly.

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