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StackOverflow developer survey: 80% of organizations do not use the blockchain

StackOverflow’s large developer community website surveyed nearly 90,000 developers, and the results published on April 9 show that 80% of organizations currently do not use blockchains.

In addition, 12.7% of developers answered that organizations use blockchain for non-currency applications, 4% for applications related to cryptocurrency, 2.1% accept cryptocurrency as payments and 1.3% implement their own cryptocurrency. StackOverflow also claims that developers in India are likely to say that their organizations are using blockchain technology.

The most significant part of developers, 29.2%, believes that the blockchain is useful in many areas and can change our life in many ways. However, 26.2% believe that it is useful as a permanent record-keeping technology and does not make sense as a currency, and only 12.2% believe that it is useful for decentralized currency applications.

In a likely reference to concerns about the environmental impact of Proof of Work production, 15.6% of respondents indicated that they consider blockchain to be an irresponsible use of resources. Finally, 16.8% believe that the blockchain technology is just a passing hobby. The report states that optimism about the usefulness of blockchain technology is mainly concentrated among young and less experienced developers:

"The more experienced the respondent, the more likely he is to say that the blockchain technology is an irresponsible use of resources."

Earlier this week, most tax and financial executives are not considering the use of blockchain technology, according to a recent survey by the Big Four auditing company KPMG.

Another KPMG study, the results of which were published at the end of February, showed that 48 percent of C-level managers believe that the blockchain is likely to change the way they do business in the next three years.

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