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The Bittrex exchange announced the launch of the Bittrex Global trading platform for the EU

Bittrex cryptocurrency trading platform has announced the launch of a new platform called Bittrex Global with headquarters in Liechtenstein. The trading platform was created taking into account all the features of the EU market.

According to available information, Bittrex intends to launch Bittrex Global in late October. The place of basing is the city of Vaduz. The main reason for choosing Bittrex in favor of this country is clarity in regulatory issues regarding digital currencies and blockchain technology.

Bittrex Global intends to introduce new features and products, such as customer reward programs, credit card interoperability, private token sales in accordance with EU law, and a mobile cryptocurrency trading application.

Kieran Raj became the first CEO of Bittrex Global, and Stephen Stonberg became chief operating officer.

This spring, the Liechtenstein government passed a blockchain law. Along with strict rules regarding anti-money laundering requirements and customer verification procedures, this law, in essence, provides a clear legal basis for the ownership, transfer and secure storage of security tokens. Authorities have expressed confidence that the new laws will create an adequate regulatory environment that counteracts risks, ensures clarity of regulation and facilitates the development of the token economy.


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