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The French movement of the “Yellow jackets” will release its own cryptocurrency

French protesters from the movement “Yellow jackets” has announced plans to release its own cryptocurrency called GiletJaunceCoin (GJCO). Protesters have announced plans to create an alternative economy and to eliminate the influence of the European oligarchy.

“The decisions of our politicians, sold out to the greedy bankers, reduce the quality of life and level of freedom of European citizens, who are increasingly worried about the future of their children and grandchildren. Existing European and global banking system, which is experiencing a collapse, since the economic crisis of 2008, on its last legs. European powers force people to Fund this system of indoctrination with the help of the European Union, trying to put the Nations on their knees”, — stated in the white paper the new cryptocurrency.

Reflective yellow vests have become a symbol of the protest movement against the increase in fuel prices. Since 2008, these vests are required to have all French drivers, so the protesters chose them as cheap and common uniforms.

Earlier we talked about Cameroonian separatists from the breakaway Republic of Ambazonia. The separatist government plans to launch bitcoin AmbaCoin and to ensure its resources in the region.


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