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The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation: Cryptocurrency turnover in the Russian Federation will always be banned

The use of cryptocurrency to pay for services or goods will be banned in Russia soon, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev told reporters. The official also added that the ban will be introduced on an ongoing basis, i.e. forever and ever.

“Turnover in terms of using cryptocurrency to calculate and pay for goods, works and services, of course, will be banned in Russia, it seems to me, always. I do not know what will happen in 100 years, but this will never happen in the immediate future. The ruble is our national currency and all calculations must be made in rubles, ”said Moiseev on the sidelines of the HSE“ Formation and Development of the Russian National Currency ”conference.

At the same time, during his speech at the conference, Moiseyev noted that “at this stage there are no plans to introduce criminal penalties for mining”. Moiseyev added that the idea of introducing criminal punishment was discussed earlier, but then they came to the conclusion that "it would be absolutely impossible to describe the crime, therefore we decided to first describe the object, and then we will think about it."

At the same time, Moiseyev stressed that the bill on digital financial assets is included in the national project for the development of the digital economy, so it is necessary to adopt it in the current session of the State Duma.

According to the deputy head of the Ministry of Finance, “one disagreement remains, but it will not be possible to remove it at the worker’s level,” so it will be decided “at the political level”.


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