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The most profitable Altcoins in May 2019

May proved to be a favorable month for cryptocurrency. As the total market capitalization increased by 50 percent. Obviously, the main reason for the growth was a sudden jump in the Bitcoin rate. The cost of the main cryptocurrency even managed to reach the level of $ 9000.

Due to the rapid growth, the Altcoins also showed themselves very well. For example, ETH, BCH, EOS and IOTA. All four cryptocurrencies brought their investors at least 50 percent of the profits in dollars.

Where to invest money?

Perhaps we start with Ethereum. For May, the coin added in price by 50 percent and even reached the level of $ 260. Now, due to the correction, the course has slightly sank

Ripple is doing very well. Over the past 30 days, he added 37 percent to the price and closed May at $ 0.423. Bitcoin Cash impressed its investors altogether; in one month it grew by 60 percent. We want to note that Lightcoin is a very promising coin. Over the past month, it has risen in price by 48 percent and this is clearly not the limit.

The most profitable altcoins in May 2019

Binance Coin showed itself well, from $ 22 it reached the rate of $ 32.

If you look at the situation globally, then for the whole of May all the coins closed with a plus. Maybe with a little, but all Coin turned out to be profitable. We believe that this has come cryptoversial.

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