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The Securities and Exchange Commission plans to hire an internal crypto-specialist

The US Financial Regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), hires a specialist to provide cryptocurrency expertise, as evidenced by a job application that originally appeared on April 5.

SEC, which continues to smooth policy towards the United States. in the domestic market of cryptocurrency tokens, it will pay up to 239,000 dollars a year for its cryptocurrency specialist, who will perform various advisory functions.

“The cryptocurrency specialist provides expert knowledge and coordinates the activities of the TM regarding cryptocurrency securities and digital assets,” the position summary says.

Summary continues:

“Responsibilities include coordinating with the Division’s staff to develop a comprehensive plan for dealing with crypto-securities and securities; interact with other departments and offices on such issues; Serve as a point of contact for domestic and international regulatory bodies, market participants and the public; provide expert commentary on policies and workflows. ”

SEC pays considerable attention to ensuring that tokens and their issuers comply with applicable securities laws, targeting enterprises to legal processes to ensure compliance.

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