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The Swiss company produces watches with a built-in bitcoin wallet

Swiss high-end watch company Franck Muller has entered into a partnership agreement with Regal Assets, an investor in digital assets, for the release of watches with the function of the cold cryptograph “Encrypto”.

In addition to the fact that this watch is a fashionable accessory, the watch owner can use it to store bitcoins. It is reported that their price varies from 9,800 to 50,600 dollars.

A public address is engraved on the dial, and the private key on the USB drive is included in the package.

According to the company, the equipment is not amenable to hacking.

Encrypto can be bought with BTC or Fiat. It is reported that the company is considering the possibility of producing functionally similar watches that support other top 5 cryptocurrencies, such as Ether (ETH) and XRP Ripple.

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