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XRP, BCH, LTC, Dash: technical analysis and forecast of the course on December 10-11 2018

The major markets of cryptocurrencies, there were signals of decline in the wave of sales of assets.


During the current trading session the bulls have confirmed the price support at the local level, $0,3000. In turn, the sellers Ripple consolidate large quantities on sale prices are $0,3280, at the level of a trend reversal, which was confirmed by two unsuccessful attempts of the bulls to overcome the sales resistance on the pivot.

The current price of the pair XRP/USD below the moving average line EMA14. The value of the index relative strength in the area of sales, indicating a dominance of bearish sentiment on the market Ripple.

10 декабря XRPUSD H4
10 Dec XRPUSD H4

The tendency to turn upward RSI indicates the willingness of buyers to engage in risky purchases from the local lows of the price of XRP on the key support level of $0,3000.

There is a possibility of expanding the volume of purchases and sales of scriptactive with subsequent growth of price volatility.

Recommended short-term buying XRP/USD $0,3000 with order $0,3110/$0,3200/$0,3350.


At the time of the review of the market price of Bitcoin Cash dropped to the psychological level of $100.00 against from a session high of $108,30.

Pressure on quotes provided moving average EMA14 with the current value on the price scale – $103,70.

C 7 Dec buyers BCH formed a support price of scriptactive on the first key level of $94,50. In case of breaking support, the bears open the price of Bitcoin Cash in the range of $76,00.

10 декабря BCHUSD H4
10 Dec BCHUSD H4

Bulls to reduce the risks of further depreciation of the asset needs to gain a foothold above the level, trend reversal above $123,00.

Sale BCH/USD from the levels of local maxima prices in the range of $108,00-109,50 with target at the key support level of $94,60, and on the breakdown of the level with targets of $87,00 $85,00.


C 7 Dec litecoin is trading in a horizontal channel with borders $27,60 $24,30. At the time of the review of the market the pair LTC/USB is listed at $24,90.

The price of litecoin has the pressure moving average EMA14 with the current value $of 25.62, which the bears are consolidating significant volumes of sales of scriptactive.

10 декабря LTCUSD H4
10 Dec LTCUSD H4

Given the stabilization of the courses of most of the major cryptocurrencies it is assumed that buyers in the market Litecoin from its current support level of $24,30 again consolidate sufficient volume in purchase to attempt to break the upper border of the price channel.


The bearish trend in the market is dominated by the Dash, confirmed that the unsuccessful attempt of the buyers to develop the price movement of scriptactive in the upstream direction. The resistance of the pair DASH/USD met at the level of a trend reversal $74,60.

Bears from the beginning of the current trading series increased the amount of purchases, which led to the price reduction to the current its value to $67,10.

10 декабря DASHUSD H4

It is expected that temporary support to prices Dash customers will have a $65,40. In the case of the break of support we should expect lower prices at least to $61,00 on the key support level.

Trading recommendations are not a reference to action. Following the recommendations, you assume all associated risk of loss.


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