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Opinion: wall Street is manipulating the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency to buy them at the lowest possible price

The Ethereum World News portal published a report according to which large financial firms on wall Street can manipulate the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies, deliberately “dropping” them. All this is done in order to buy more cryptocurrencies at the lowest price. Thus, according to the editorial, the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), the United States is aware of the situation, but deliberately did not punish speculators, creating a market situation “the Wild West”.

Active dump market the whales of wall Street may be associated with the imminent start of crypto-currency services to institutional investors. As the newspaper notes, one of the first food for whales proposed Chicago Board options exchange and Chicago Mercantile exchange, who introduced futures on bitcoin to the end of last year. This coincided with the “bull rally” in the course of which the price of BTC rose to $20 thousand.

The SEC does not punish those who manipulate the market, and thereby creates a situation of “Wild West”, when traders and other industry participants are forced to constantly adapt to changing circumstances.

In favor of this conspiracy and frankly the weak theory says that 3 Dec the network of bitcoin with the “sleep” wallet transaction made in the amount of 66 233 BTC. The next day two more of these locations moved 66 452 66 378 BTC BTC. Market observers do not exclude that thus maybe getting ready to dump or pump the first cryptocurrency.


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