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XRP, BCH, LTC, TRX: technical analysis and forecast of the course for February 13-14, 2019

The largest alternative cryptocurrencies today are mostly traded sideways, amid uncertainty in the Bitcoin market.


At the time of the market review, Ripple is quoted at $ 0.3083. Session maximum prices cryptocurrency fixed at $ 0.3189.

Bulls confidently increased the volume of Ripple purchases in the second half of the last trading session, but above the $ 0.3150 price the cryptocurrency price was met by strong sales resistance. An analysis of the four-hour XRP / USD chart confirms the willingness of bears to sell a cryptoactive asset in large volumes.

February 13 XRPUSD H4
February 13 XRPUSD H4

At the moment, Ripple is trading below $ 0.3110 pivot and the current average price of the coin is exerted by the moving average EMA100 with a value on the price scale of $ 0.3100. The nature of the price movement indicates the likelihood of bulls trying to break through sales resistance at the indicated levels in the coming hours.

The relative strength index data reinforces the signals of short-term growth of the pair, as the indicator value is restored in the field of purchases, the RSI14 line is directed upwards.


At the time of the market review, Bitcoin Cash is trading at $ 120.50 against the session high of $ 125.57. During the morning trading session of the current session, the BCH / USD quotes broke through the support at the level of the weekly pivot $ 122.30. The bulls stopped the decline in the price of a cryptoactive asset only above the local support level of $ 119.00.

Analysis of the four-hour BCH / USD chart indicates that for the development of the uptrend, the bulls need to clear a range with an upper limit in the $ 127.00 price area on the EMA200 moving average line.

February 13, BCHUSD H4
February 13, BCHUSD H4

In turn, the breakdown of the nearest support level of $ 119.00 will attract additional volumes for the sale of Bitcoin Cash and open up the price for bears to reduce the price to the first key support level of $ 114.20.


During the trading in lightcoin paired with the US dollar on February 13, the price of the currency pair broke through the weekly pivot $ 43.00 and fixed a new minimum at $ 41.22.

At the time of the market analysis, the LTC / USD pair is trading at $ 42.32 with a slight increase in quotations. The data of technical indicators indicate weak support for the price, and the probability of recovery of quotations of the pair above the pivot is estimated as low.

February 13 LTCUSD H4
February 13 LTCUSD H4

Given the nature of the movement of the lightcoin price in today's trading, it should be expected that before the end of the day the bears will update the local minimum and test the support for the LTC / USD pair at a dynamic level along the EMA60 line with the current value of $ 40.50.

Short-term lightcoin sales are possible at a price rebound of $ 43.00 with targets of $ 41.70 and $ 40.80.


On February 13, at the Altcoin Tron auction, sellers broke through the second key support level of $ 0.0244. At the time of the market review, the TRX / USD pair has recovered to the designated level, and if the buyers consolidate in the range of $ 0.0254-0.0244 before the end of the day trading, the pair will continue to trade sideways.

However, given the data of technical indicators, it should be expected that bears exploit the weakness of buyers in the short-term Tron market and reach the closest target at the local level of $ 0.0239.

February 13 TRXUSD H4
February 13 TRXUSD H4

The EMA200 moving average is currently putting pressure on the Tron short-term rate and increasing sales resistance at a key level of $ 0.0254. The values of the relative strength index from the start of the trading week are held in the bearish area of the indicator.

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