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Blockchain Transparency Institute identified 9 exchanges, not overestimating trading volumes

An association of Blockchain Transparency Institute researchers working to improve the degree of transparency and increase the level of trust in the cryptoindustry has studied the accounts of users of cryptocurrency exchanges and compiled a list of exchanges that do not resort to an overestimate of trading volumes.

The results are based on the BTI Verified algorithm. Analysts have found that many sites have more than 99% of fake transactions with falsified volumes. Because of what these exchanges were excluded from the platform site.

As a result, the most honest of the cryptocurrency exchanges, named platform Kraken. The calculated trading volume coincided by 99% with the volumes that the exchange claims.

Behind Kraken stand Coinbase and Upbit.

"Nine of the cleanest exchanges in the ranking: Kraken, Coinbase, Bittrex, Poloniex, Liquid, Upbit, Gate, Bitso and Lykke."

It is possible to get acquainted in detail with the research methodology and test results of each of the exchanges on the BTI website.

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