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CBOE closes bitcoin futures trading

Despite the growth of the cryptocurrency market, and Bitcoin in particular, in the last months of this year, the Chicago Options Exchange (CBOE) decided to stop trading in bitcoin futures. Such a statement was made by the press secretary of the exchange, Susanna Cosgrove.

In the mailing list that customers received from the trading platform, Cosgrove said that CBOE has nothing to offer to its users, but the exchange will continue to explore the possibility of working with digital assets. Futures contracts will disappear from the exchange on June 19: it is on this day that the last available contract expires.

What pushed the leadership of the CBOE, which added Bitcoin futures first in the United States, to such a radical step, is not specified. Apparently, the growth of the BTC rate did not greatly inspire investors.

It is possible that CBOE simply could not stand the competition with another exchange, which added the second bitcoin futures to the second one. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) offers a more advanced asset pricing system: instead of taking quotes from just one exchange, as the CBOE does, CME tracks a variety of trading platforms.


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