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Coincheck Exchange adds Ethereum and Ripple to its new over-the-counter sales department at

The Japanese stock exchange cryptocurrency Coincheck added the first two alt-coins to its recently launched over-the-counter trading cash desk, reported April 15.

Coincheck, who started his OTC trading with Bitcoin (BTC) earlier this month, now also offers Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP), the second and third largest cryptocurrency market capitalization, respectively.

Over-the-counter departments offer specialized services for large merchants, which allows them to save on fees and bypass what would otherwise be a significant obstacle when buying or selling large cryptoinvestments using standard methods.

This feature has become popular with major exchanges around the world, despite the ongoing crypto-bear market.

According to a Coincheck blog post today, the company will also consider adding additional Alt-Coins to its over-the-counter office at the right time, but does not hint at what priority will be given.

Coincheck is gaining momentum after the acquisition of the online broker Monex Group in April last year.

After eliminating the problems resulting from the gigantic hacking of half a billion dollars in January 2018, Monex managed to obtain a regulatory license from Japan for Coincheck to continue serving customers in December 2018.

In the third quarter, according to a financial report released in late January, Coincheck already halved its losses compared to the previous quarter.

Japan continues to become a hotbed of cryptocurrency business activity, and today the ST Blockchain Fund investment fund announces that it has invested $ 200 million in the parent company Bithumb, one of the largest exchange platforms in South Korea.

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