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IBM Vice President: Bitcoin will rise in price to $ 1 million

The Bitcoin exchange rate to the dollar will reach $ 5,000 by the end of the year, after which a rapid rally will begin as a result of which the first cryptocurrency exchange rate will reach $ 1 million. Such an incredible forecast was made by vice president of blockchain Jesse Lund.

“If the price of cryptocurrency rises to $ 1 million, then Satoshi will be equal to the American cent,” the expert explained.

He added that the liquid volume of the network of the coin will be $ 20 trillion, this will lead to significant changes in the field of corporate payments.

Lund spoke about the corporation's collaboration with the Stellar startup and the use of XLM tokens on the Blockchain World Wire network. IBM's vice president said the corporation will start working with other cryptocurrencies to create an ecosystem in which various digital assets will be used to conduct cross-border transfers, and users will be able to choose and discuss their preferences in real time.

“This may be XRP or Bitcoin, but there will probably be other tools, such as steylcocks and even digital currencies issued by central banks,” the expert suggested.

Last August, IBM announced the creation of the Blockchain World Wire payment system, which is based on the Stellar protocol. New technology for instant cross-border payments will be able to use 97% of the largest banks in the world


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