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Mastercard is recruiting a staff of experts working with cryptocurrencies

The American company MasterCard Incorporated, which is one of the leaders in the international payment systems market, has placed several vacancies that have seriously interested the crypto community.

Three new vacancies are related to cryptocurrency and bockchain:

  1. "Product Development – Blockchain Solutions Engineer."
  2. "Product management – cryptocurrency / wallets."
  3. Vice President, Product Management for Blockchain.

New employees will “work in a multi-functional team focused on franchising, right compliance, regulation, products, experimental research activities, regions and technologies in order to develop new products and services.”

Two positions require candidates to have experience in managing cryptocurrency storage products. What exactly is to develop these employees, the company does not specify. It is possible that they can start creating a custodial solution within the framework of cooperation between Mastercard and Facebook.

Mastercard is one of the 27 founding members of the Libra cryptocurrency project Facebook has announced. Organization members are encouraged to develop their own Libra blockchain applications, including alternative cryptocurrency wallets.


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