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Terra Luna Classic v2.1.0: What’s New for LUNC?

Terra Luna Classic v2.1.0: What You Need to Know Before Voting

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) is a fork of Terra Luna (LUNA) that aims to preserve the original vision of the project and its community. LUNC is supported by a group of enthusiasts called the LUNC Burn Army, who are committed to burning LUNC tokens to reduce supply and increase demand. LUNC is also working on upgrading its network to achieve parity with LUNA 2.0 and Cosmos.

One of the most anticipated upgrades for LUNC is the v2.1.0 proposal, which will be voted on by the LUNC holders on June 7. If the proposal passes, the upgrade will go live on June 14. The v2.1.0 upgrade includes several features that will benefit the LUNC network and its users.

The Upgrade have Caught the Interest of the Crypto community

First, the upgrade will introduce a minimum of 5% commission for validators, which will incentivize more validators to join and secure the network. Validators are essential for maintaining the consensus and functionality of the blockchain, and having more validators will increase the decentralization and resilience of LUNC.

Terra Luna Classic LUNC Revival

Second, the upgrade will implement CosmWasm 1.1.x, which is a smart contract platform for the Cosmos ecosystem. CosmWasm allows developers to write smart contracts in any programming language that compiles to WebAssembly (Wasm), such as Rust, C++, or Go. CosmWasm also enables interoperability between different blockchains that use the Cosmos SDK, such as Terra Luna, Binance Smart Chain, or Secret Network. By integrating CosmWasm, LUNC will be able to leverage the innovation and diversity of the Cosmos ecosystem and offer more use cases and services to its users.

Third, the upgrade will include two security updates that will patch some vulnerabilities in the protocol. One of them is the infinite fee grant bug, which allows malicious user to grant themselves unlimited fees from another user’s account without their consent. The other one is a minor issue related to gas consumption and error handling. These security updates will ensure that LUNC is safe and reliable for its users and validators.

The v2.1.0 upgrade is a major milestone for LUNC and its community, as it will bring LUNC closer to achieving parity with LUNA 2.0 and Cosmos. The upgrade will also enhance the performance, functionality, and security of LUNC, making it more attractive and competitive in the crypto market. The LUNC Burn Army is optimistic that the upgrade will boost the demand and price of LUNC, which is currently trading at $0.00010702.

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