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The dollar reached a minimum share in international reserves

The ECB reported that the dollar's position in the first half of 2018 weakened. Similar figures were last time in 1999. Russia is currently most actively refusing the dollar.

During the creation of the euro zone, the share of the dollar in world reserves has decreased by 61.7%.

Such news is a signal of a bad economic situation in the future.

The dollar also remains the leading reserve currency, but the Euro displaces it a little bit.

Russia is actively fighting against the dollar due to large-scale sanctions. The structure of gold and foreign exchange reserves of the Central Bank radically changed in the second quarter of 2018: the share of the dollar dropped sharply (from 43.7 to 21.9%), primarily in favor of the yuan (increased from 5 to 14.7%) and the euro (from 22.2 up to 32%). According to the latest data of the Central Bank, which the regulator opens with a delay, at the end of September their shares did not change significantly.

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