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There are only 3 “asika” that still allow you to mine BTC at a loss

Over the last 12 months was announced many mining devices for bitcoin mining that generate more teraherz per second, while consuming less power. However, because of low prices for cash most recently released miners did not bring profit, but some of them aren’t even on sale.

According to statistics updated in real time from the service Asicminervalue.com at the time of writing only three mining device and make a profit, two more cars not yet available on the market. The service uses indicators of costs of electricity, the current complexity of the network, the reward for found block and the exchange rate of cryptocurrency to find out whether particular ASIC device cost-effective.

So, on the morning of Tuesday, 11 December 2018, three devices are manufactured by companies Ebang, Asicminer and Innosilicon are the only profitable devices for mining on the market.

  • Ebang Ebit E11++ capacity of 44 Th/s while consuming 1980 W will earn $0.80 a day
  • ASICminer 8 Nano 44Th, 44Th power/s and power consumption 2 to 100 W, has a profitability of $0.42 a day.
  • Innosilicon T3 43T will be available only in January 2019 and will generate 43Th/s at a consumption of 2 100 W. With such characteristics, one of asik will allow per day mined BTC on as much as $0.26.

While the announced Dec device Bitmain Antminer S15 (28Th) and the Bitmain Antminer T15 (23Th), according to the website, are unprofitable. However, from the calculation formula of profitability is clear that one of the most important, and perhaps decisive role played by the cost of electricity.


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