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Trump's tweet has raised interest in Bitcoin at Google

Recently, Donald Trump spoke once again about the cryptocurrency issue. Donald, as always said that Bitcoin has no value, but despite everything, the main cryptocurrency rate went up.

Also, Trump's statement provoked a strong user interest in the Google search engine.

Trump's tweet raises interest in Bitcoin at Google

“Trump tweet … BTC does nothing. Bitcoin is now less volatile than Donald Trump, ”wrote Erik Voorhees, CEO of ShapeShift.

Others point out that by their comment the US president not only recognized the significance of Bitcoin in a global context, but also showed his unwillingness to reconcile with the existence of currency outside the traditional financial system.

“Finally, there was a tweet about Bitcoin from Trump,” CNBC presenter Ran Neuner said, adding that the authorities cannot ban decentralized cryptocurrencies, while Facebook's Libra is in a shakier position.

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