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XRP, BCH, LTC, Dash: technical analysis and forecast of the course on 26-27 November 2018

The largest altcoins demonstrate a consolidation of prices at the current levels of support. In the case of recovery of the BTC market should expect a significant growth of prices in the markets of altcoins.


During the current session of the Ripple was fixed above the first key support level of $0,3380. Session high price of the cryptocurrency is fixed at $0,3989 during morning trading.

The bulls failed attempt to break the resistance of sellers on the level of the pivot of $0,4093 and amid rising sales quotes re-rolled in the area of key support.

26 ноября XRPUSD H4
26 Nov XRPUSD H4

The analysis of the four-hour chart XRP/USD shows that a significant amount on the sale of scriptactive bears consolidate below the pivot point, the dynamic level line moving average EMA30 with the current value on the price scale – $0,3980.

In the current market situation sales of the Ripple are recommended for the bounce of the resistance level of $0,3980 or at the break of the key support level of $0,3380.

26 ноября BCHUSD H4
26 Nov BCHUSD H4

C on November 25 Bitcoin market Cash is a tendency of the rate stabilization above the key support level of $153,25. The level of reversal of the current trend is at the price of $200,80.

The attempt of the bulls to bring cryptocurrency quotes above pivot demonstrated the willingness of the sellers of BCH to defend their positions above the level of the price of $200,00.

Pressure on the price of the pair BCH/USD has moving average EMA60 with the current value of $220,00.

In turn RSI14 indicator data pointing to strengthening support prices. That allows to make an assumption about the growth of volumes of purchases of scriptactive and accordingly, it is possible to expect new attempts of Bitcoin Cash buyers to gain a foothold above the mark at $200,00.


Session high price of litecoin was recorded at $32,84 the dynamic level of the moving average line EMA60, where the sellers formed a fairly strong resistance to the growth of scriptactive.

Support price the bulls had a key level of $28,31. At the time of the review of the market the pair LTC/USD is trading at the $of 30.64. Before the end of the trading day, buyers probably will make an attempt to break the resistance of bears in the range of $of 32.30-33,90.

26 ноября LTCUSD H4
26 Nov LTCUSD H4

Controlling the price of litecoin is above the pivot of $33,90, the bulls will be able to consolidate sufficient volumes for the growth of quotations to the first key resistance of $39,60.

Buying LTC/USD is recommended only after confirmation of the breakout of the resistance at $33,90.


At the time of the market review Dash to the U.S. dollar traded at $87,30. During the current session, the buyers have confirmed their readiness to defend their positions on the first key support level of $81,06.

The bulls are trying to recover losses the current session. It is expected that by the end of the day trading price Dash will test the resistance of the sales dynamic $of 95.90.

26 ноября DASHUSD H4

Short sale DASH/USD are recommended for the bounce of the price from topping $100,60 with order of $93,80 $86,30.

Trading recommendations are not a reference to action. Following the recommendations, you assume all associated risk of loss.


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