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Coinbase Pro lists Bounce and Arpa Chain

The cryptocurrency market is growing in terms of market cap and trading volume. Many people from all over the world are showing more interest in the crypto industry. This is why more money is being flown into the market and it is becoming bigger and bigger with every passing day. The trillion-dollar crypto industry is finding a solid footing in the developing countries as well, making it more inclusive in nature.

However, this increase in popularity also means that there is more demand for cryptocurrency exchanges in the consumer sector. These cryptocurrency exchanges connect the users with the live trading market. Therefore, cryptocurrency exchanges have an extremely important role to play to widen the horizon of the crypto space.

Though crypto exchanges are facing strict regulations in different countries, they are still quite relevant and acknowledge among the consumers. Popular cryptocurrency exchanges, like Coinbase Pro and Binance have an impact on the market, and the projects that they list on their platform are also considered to be more reliable and credible. In a recent development, the leading US cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase Pro has announced the listing of three new token on the exchange.

ARPA, AUCTION, and PERP experiences a massive upsurge

The three new listing announced by Coinbase Pro on October 19 were ARPA Chain (ARPA), Bounce (AUCTION), and Perpetual Protocol (PERP). The platform also announced that the trading of these coins will start at 21:00 on the same day, as they await more liquidity to enter the market. These three tokens are available in the pairs of USD, EUR, and USDT.

The announcement came as a major boost to all three of these coins. ARPA and AUCTION rallied significantly during the trading hours, gaining almost 25% within a day’s time.

However, the rally of PERP was not as significant as the other two tokens. PERP has lost a portion of its gains, and is currently being traded at around $16.33.

On the other hand, ARPA is still surging, after moving past $0.175. AUCTION is inching closer to $40 but its rally is now showing mixed signals.

All three listed tokens are believed to have strong fundamentals in crypto projects. Hence, this is why tat they are gaining much attention from the investors. Also, the listing at Coinbase will prove to be a major boost for the growth of these networks, and the ‘Coinbase effect’ will influence their prices for a few more days now.

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