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Mike Novograc: Web 3.0 vs. BTC

Galaxy CEO Digital Mike Novograz during the Ethereal Summit ConsenSys said that Bitcoin will not change the world, because it is just a means of accumulating value.

According to the Cointelegraph, Novograc argued that the coin “ proved itself as a value collector ” and declared that it was “ partially finished ” from this point of view. Novograz compared the asset with gold, arguing that both have value as a social construct.

In his opinion, Bitcoin acts as “digital gold” and it “will not change the world.” The situation seems rather strange, given the fact that Novograz recently made a very bold statement that by 2021 Bitcoin would cost $ 20,000, and now declares that the potential for accumulating value in foreign currency has been exhausted.

He further stated that instead, it was Web 3.0 that “has the potential to change the world.”

From his point of view, Web 3.0 provides for a revolution in its operation and data processing methodology, since it is “a decentralized platform for processing information, it separates data from processing it”.

Forecast Mike Novogratz about , that the main cryptocurrency beat his record of 20 000 dollars for the next 18 months.

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