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OKX Faces Security Crisis: Massive Outflow of Funds totaling $630M

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  • OKX experiences an outflow of over $630 million in one week due to growing security concerns.
  • Users report fund losses due to hacker attacks bypassing two-factor authentication through fake SMS notifications.
  • Researchers find weaknesses in OKX’s security measures. Including the ability to switch to less secure authentication methods and the lack of automatic banning for sensitive withdrawals.

OKX, the renowned cryptocurrency exchange, has undergone a massive fund outflow in recent days, surpassing $630 million over the course of one week. The user exodus comes amidst mounting security concerns, leading many to seek safer alternatives.

The platform has faced multiple criticisms after several users reported fund losses due to hacker attacks. Reports indicate that attackers managed to bypass two-factor authentication (2FA) through a fake SMS risk notification, enabling them to steal funds from users’ accounts. This method has sparked strong distrust in OKX’s security.

Security researchers have identified a serious weakness in OKX that allows users to switch from more secure authentication methods, like Google Authenticator, to less secure options like email or SMS authentication. This vulnerability has been exploited by hackers to bypass the platform’s security measures and effectively steal funds.

okx exchange

OKX Will Take Responsibility for Losses if Found Guilty

Furthermore, deficiencies in OKX’s risk control measures have been highlighted. Unlike other exchanges, OKX does not automatically implement a 24-hour withdrawal ban when users engage in sensitive activities, such as disabling 2FA or changing login credentials. This has left users vulnerable to potential attacks and has raised alarms.

In response to the concerns, OKX has assured users that it is investigating the incidents and will assume financial responsibility if the platform is found guilty. However, it has not yet specifically addressed the security flaws identified by researchers.

The massive fund outflow had a significant impact on the crypto market. Users are seeking refuge in other, safer platforms. The platform will need to address these incidents promptly, or its reputation could be irreparably damaged.

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